Send And Shred Board Members

Send and Shred board members

Partner and recycling expert, Graham Mannall (pictured left), has over three decades of experience in waste management and helped establish Canberra as the lead recycler in the country. When he left government, he came up with the idea for Send and Shred because he hated sending home-shredded paper to landfill. He later developed MyCard Protector after he fell victim to credit card fraud.

CEO and Director, Jo Clay (centre), is a lawyer by training and a writer in practice. She has two decades of experience in communications and a decade in sustainability. She is writing a book about carbon footprints.

Director, Goran "Tiny" Srejic (right), is an international businessman and entrepreneur. He has founded over a dozen successful Australian companies including Canberra icon, The Green Shed, which has made more than 60 million sales. Tiny is currently building a theme park to help out the kids back home in Serbia.

Board member, Elaine Stanford, has over three decades of experience in media and business administration. She has worked in the public and private sectors and is a founding member of The Green Shed.

Board member, Sandie Parkes, is a social enterprise guru and founding member of The Green Shed. She is passionate about social inclusion, job creation and building sustainable industries.

Tiny, Elaine and Sandie sit together on the Green Shed charity board. They are delighted to have donated over $740,000 so far and aim to reach $1 million.

Australia Post

Australia Post has over 200 years of experience in handling confidential mail. It provides trusted services to government and holds one of Australia’s most reputable brands. Operating the largest retail network in the country, Australia Post is convenient for our customers. We were delighted to secure Australia Post's services to lodge, track and deliver our packages.


Shred-X shred and recycle our bags in their state-of-the-art facilities. They also provide secure destruction services for business, government and intelligence agencies. With the highest industry accreditations and an impeccable reputation, Shred-X means peace of mind for our customers.


Send and Shred is delighted to support the RSPCA. We donate 50c from every Send and Shred bag sold to the RSPCA. Help us raise $1 million for this valuable cause.

Plastic Forests

After we have shredded and recycled your paper, we shred the 'Send and Shred' bag itself for security. We then send it to the Australian recycling company, Plastic Forests, to be turned back into new plastic products like garden edging and resin.