What is Send and Shred?

Send and Shred is a secure shredding service for your paperwork. You buy a prepaid bag, fill it with sensitive paperwork and lodge it in any post office. We shred and recycle it. You can track it and download a destruction certificate for your records.

If you've ever used a home shredder, or if you've ever thought that you should, this service is right for you.

How does it work?

Why should I use Send and Shred?

How do I buy a bag?

What can I put in my bag?

How do I seal my bag?

How do I lodge my bag?

Is my paperwork securely shredded?

How is my paperwork shredded?

How do you make sure that my documents remain confidential?

Is the material genuinely recycled?

What is the actual recycling process?

Can I track my bag and get a Destruction Certificate?

What is my risk of fraud and identity theft?

Should I shred my paperwork?

Why should I shred my paperwork?

What sort of information should I protect?

How do identity thieves get information?

What should I do if I've been the victim of fraud or identity theft?

What if I already have a home shredder?

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