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A secure postal service to shred and recycle your confidential paperwork

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Cheapest shredding

100% secure & recycled

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We donate 50c per bag to the RSPCA.

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Save time

  • Home shredders are fiddly.They jam, they break and they make a mess. Automatic feeders often fail.
  • Home shredders only work for a few minutes, then shut down for up to an hour.
  • Send and Shred means no more paper jams. Ever.

Save money

  • Home shredders are expensive to buy and use. In-house shredding costs most businesses over $1000 each year in staff time alone.
  • Many have hidden extras, like specialised oil or catch bags.
  • Our flat rate of $19.95 covers all costs for processing, tracking, shredding and recycling.

Save space

  • Some people keep old papers because they don't know what else to do with them.
  • Hoarding and clutter are growing problems.
  • Clear out your old paperwork with Send and Shred.

Save yourself

  • Around 1 in 5 Australians have been the victim of identity fraud.
  • Fraud costs our community $8.5 billion each year.
  • Most people know the risk of hacking and data theft online, but they forget that thieves also target paperwork. This is why police recommend shredding personal papers and mail.

For every million sales, Send and Shred will recycle around 4,500 tonnes of paper.
Here’s what that means.

108,000 more trees

Paper from home shredders is rarely recycled, but Send and Shred recycles all its paper. Each tonne saves around 24 trees

5,667 less tonnes of waste to landfill

There are few recycling programs for home shredders. They usually end up in landfill, along with the paper they’ve shredded. Send and Shred aims to divert over 1,100 tonnes of shredders from landfill, along with that 4,500 tonnes of paper.

1,800 less tonnes of greenhouse gas

Paper sent to landfill creates methane, which is 21 times more damaging than carbon dioxide. Recycled paper also uses less energy during its manufacture. Each tonne of recycled paper avoids around 400 kilograms of greenhouse gas.

Protect Yourself From Identity Fraud

MyCard Protector fights credit card fraud.

Most credit cards have an RFID chip that allows PayWave and other remote transactions. Unless protected, fraudsters can steal data by wirelessly skimming these cards. You may not even realise you have been skimmed.

MyCard Protector is an RFID chipped card that shields other cards from illegal skimming. Its built-in RFID chip powers up when it detects a scan signal, producing an electronic shield to stop skimming.

For every MyCard Protector sold, your school, club or charity receives $4.00

Register your organisation to raise funds through our fundraiser.

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